Cities are complex, and that’s what we love most about them. We approach urban design as a rigorous investigation of the varied and layered contexts that give form and function to a particular place. We pull from the history and characteristics of a site’s surroundings to ensure that our work elevates—rather than dictates—the qualities that make a city distinctive.

An early study model reaches far beyond the site boundary to reveal strategies for greater connectivity between Downtown St. Louis and the iconic Gateway Arch.

A close look at the North Gateway suggests a radical shift from private parking to public landscape as a way of linking the St. Louis Arch Grounds to the city.

A multi-faceted analysis of adjacent streets, structures, and traffic patterns gives form to a 6-block series of connective and welcoming landscapes on Manhattan’s West Side.

The ice floes of Toronto’s Inner Harbour inspire the spatial organization strategy for a cultural hub on the waterfront.

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