MVVA makes parks for people. Our approach is rooted in an understanding that great parks allow us not only to occupy places of beauty, but also to feel a connection to and ownership of a civic landscape. Informed by community input and extensive research into context and materials, our parks are uniquely democratic places that offer something for everyone and can adapt along with the needs of their cities.

A 350-square-foot model fosters conversation about design and programming at a Toronto community meeting.

A hike in the Catskills inspires a 1.8-acre cross-section of Upstate New York in Lower Manhattan.

An interactive workshop in Buffalo gains a younger perspective in park making.

Existing trees are salvaged, debarked, and dried to create an Enchanted Forest in Chicago.

A mock-up tests strategies for establishing a Texas prairie in Dallas.

A Chicago park tour jump-starts a brainstorming session with a Detroit-based student group.

A groundbreaking celebration kicks off the construction of an inclusive playground in Boston.