Teardrop Park

Teardrop Park

Teardrop Park is a 1.8-acre public park in Lower Manhattan that has transcended its small size and shady, mid-block location to become a beloved community resource. Teardrop’s design was coordinated with that of four surrounding apartment buildings in ways that keep it from feeling constricted. Bold topography, imaginative water features, dramatic material choices, and lush plantings contribute to a world that embraces both active play and quiet contemplation amid intricately choreographed views.

Culminating years of environmental research, the park’s design incorporates fully organic soils and maintenance regimes that do not rely on toxic pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides.

Sustainability was the organizing principle during the development of the park, influencing everything from material selection to construction practices.

The bluestone ice wall at Teardrop Park, from concept sketch, to quarry mock-up, to completion on site.

As children are considered Teardrop’s most important users, the park is designed to address the urban child's lack of exposure to nature, offering both adventure and sanctuary, engaging both mind and body.

Artist Michael Mercil with the MVVA team and a mockup of the installation