Planning addresses the long-term challenges faced by communities anticipating growth and change amid overlapping ecological and political systems. We employ the latest technologies in data mapping and drone photography alongside intensive on-site fieldwork to unlock new perspectives on each site’s potential. Our plans are clear and compelling roadmaps for framing the continued evolution of a place. 

A detailed inventory of publicly owned land highlights opportunities for improved connectivity, resilience, and equity in greater Houston.

An examination of ecoregions extending far beyond site or city reveals larger patterns of deforestation and fragmentation impacting Tulsa’s landscape.

Specificity and practicality are born out of site-based research and exploration of the Arkansas River.

MVVA leads a visioning workshop for a pro-bono planning effort at Chelsea’s Mill Creek.

Site-based research and a geo-referenced recording of findings help to establish a clear framework for intervention at an 80-acre Connecticut farm.

An interactive community engagement event builds consensus and enthusiasm around a vision for a 308-acre park in the heart of Raleigh.