Turkey Mountain Master Plan

Turkey Mountain Master Plan

Turkey Mountain, Tulsa’s best-loved and most utilized outdoor recreation site, is part of the endangered Cross Timbers ecoregion in Oklahoma. The MVVA Master Plan for Turkey Mountain—a landscape now surrounded by urban development, highways, and railroad tracks—restores the area’s ecological complexity and health, facilitates access, enhances the quality of its hiking and biking trails, and provides a variety of new recreational facilities. Developed in collaboration with Tulsa’s River Parks Authority, critical stakeholder groups, wetland engineers, and controlled burn specialists, the plan will return the degraded forest to its original form: a collage of native prairies, savannas, and woodlands.

A Disappearing Ecoregion

Tulsa Parks

Reviving a Remnant Landscape

Four Guiding Principles

Heat Map of Existing Trail Use

New Trail Hierarchy and Uses

The Master Plan also incorporates new programming based on MVVA’s extensive research into the best forms of adventure recreation and urban wilderness management strategies. These amenities will provide Tulsans with an experience of wilderness recreation within the city limits while safeguarding and highlighting the wild character of Turkey Mountain.

A Regional Destination for Bikers

Adventure Recreation

Benefits of Burning