MVVA’s team of more than 100 people believes in the rejuvenating power of landscape. We work at all scales, from small gardens to public parks and regional master plans. We are landscape architects who expand the reach of our profession by collaborating with leaders in other fields, from hydrologists and climate scientists to ecologists, engineers, artists, and architects. Our projects are defined by the qualities of their sites and by the aspirations of people who will use them (We are good listeners). MVVA landscapes are innovative, generous, and joyful.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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  • Friends and family gathering
The Cambridge office studio
We study and explore landscapes
Fall Tree Tagging
Playground workshop in Detroit
Field investigations
Large scale hand drawings
Models are used for quick iterative thinking
Studying topography through model making
Models are used to represent and explain our thinking
A 1:1 scale drawing of paving layout
Tree tagging in southern New Jersey
Working with craftsmen
Working with New York Quarries on the Teardrop Icewall
Cambridge office volleyball team
Field investigations
Discussing plant growth with the Horticulture Director, Brooklyn Bridge Park

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