Bella Abzug Park

Bella Abzug Park

Formerly known as Hudson Park and Boulevard, MVVA’s Bella Abzug Park creates a new green space from 33rd Street to the Lincoln Tunnel entrance at 39th Street on Manhattan’s West Side. Since the opening of Hudson Yards, which provided funding for the project, it now serves as the entryway to 18 million square feet of planned development.


Under Construction (2016)

The park was designed and built in coordination with significant new infrastructural works, including the extension of the Number 7 subway line to the Far West Side. Bella Abzug Park has helped transform a part of New York City that lacked subway access and the green spaces that make neighborhoods livable.

MVVA schematic plan for Hudson Yards and Hudson Park and Boulevard

Programming varies from one block to the next with a lively sequence of open lawns, formal and informal seating, play areas, public art, and fountains. But shared materials and forms create a welcome continuity across the blocks.