The United States Embassy Mexico City

The United States Embassy Mexico City

The landscape at the United States Embassy in Mexico City creates a secure and welcoming environment that symbolizes the enduring relationship between the two countries. While resolving a complex urban site and adhering to strict security requirements, the embassy buildings, by Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects and Davis Brody Bond, speak to the materials and architectural traditions of Mexico. Similarly, the planting palette will incorporate local traditions regarding outdoor space, with both native and adapted species that are well-suited to the site. One of the largest US embassies in the world, the new complex also incorporates rigorous sustainability and energy-saving objectives.

Main Arrival Entry Plaza

With a large courtyard at its center, the embassy complex responds to the scale of the surrounding Nuevo Polanco neighborhood and the climate of the Valle de México region. Embedded within the campus, a sequence of smaller courtyards, sunken terraces for recreational and social gatherings, and intimate gardens feature dense stands of colorful and lush tropical vegetation.

Site Plan

To allow embassy occupants to enjoy the mild high-altitude climate and rich plant life of Mexico City, MVVA worked with the architects to develop a series of plazas, courtyards, terraces, and gardens that perforate the building mass and bring variety to its perimeter.

Sunken Garden at the Main Courtyard

Main Courtyard