Trinity River Floodway and Harold Simmons Park

Trinity River Floodway and Harold Simmons Park

For over a century, the Trinity River has shaped Dallas as a resource, a powerful force of nature, and a critical piece of flood control infrastructure. The proposed 200-acre Harold Simmons Park, a project of the nonprofit Trinity Park Conservancy, will pair a revitalized portion of the floodway with a series of elevated access parks that bridge the levees and connect directly to the city.

Welcoming and accessible, these gateways will dissolve the current division between the city and the floodway by providing a new integrated park experience.

Dallas Separated by the Trinity River Floodway

Harold Simmons Park

A Connected City

Complementing the elevated parks, the reestablishment of a riverine landscape will restore the Trinity’s ecological function and natural beauty.

Located at the center of Dallas, the design will create a pedestrian link between East and West Dallas, connecting the city through a park experience available to everyone.

Through close collaboration among the Trinity Park Conservancy, the Army Corps of Engineers, the City of Dallas, and a design team of landscape architects, planners, engineers, and scientists, Harold Simmons Park will serve as an example of how to sustainably expand public space within an urbanizing city, reconfiguring essential flood protection infrastructure to dramatically improve the ecological value, social use, and beauty of Dallas’s most prominent natural feature.